Essay on "An Amazing Story"

An amazing story happened to me this summer. In the evening, my father and I were returning home from the grocery store. Our way was through a park with beautiful poplar and aspen trees. As we passed under one of those trees, something small flew right in front of us and fell into the grass.

I was even a little frightened by the surprise, and I squeezed my father's hand hard. My father use gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and then we walked with him to the spot where the strange little object had landed. What was our surprise when we saw a little raven on the ground.

At first the raven lay motionless, but then it woke up and began to jump rapidly, opening its beak and making muffled sounds, more like the quiet crying of a child than the cawing of a bird. I pay for essay correction felt very sorry for the baby, and I turned to my father to ask how we could help the chick, but my father, meanwhile, was already studying the tree, trying to determine where the nest was located.

It turned out that the crow's house was quite low, so Dad decided that he could pick up the bird and put it there. He had already taken a handkerchief out of his pocket and was about to bend down to take the baby with it, but then his father's way was blocked by a crow that flew down from the tree. It began to jump in front of its nestling, trying to protect it.

We write my capstone paper for me were confused, but we couldn't just leave the crow on the ground. Dad drove the crow away and tried again. This time he managed to get the chick. From a napkin he transferred it to his cap and so began to climb the tree.

The crow circled around him and tried to peck him, but Daddy persisted in his goal. Here he was able to reach the nest with one hand and gently shook the chick out of his cap, and then he came down and came to me.

The crow immediately calmed down. Now she was sitting in the nest with her baby and even seemed to be grateful to us. And I was very proud of my father for doing such a brave and noble thing.

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